Aeon 8700A

Anesthesia Machine

Great Power for the Great Responsibility

  • Innovative ventilation management offers precise delivery and versatile settings, providing efficient care for various patient types
  • Supports both low-flow and mini-flow anesthesia
  • Practical breathing circuit maintenance, easy to install and remove, can be cleaned and sterilized with high pressure and high temperature

Graph Display:

  • P-t, F-t, V-t waveforms
  • P-V, F-V loops
  • Optional CO2-t waveform
  • Reference loops offer contrast for review in the present time

Electronic Flow Meter

  • Dual display: LED & virtual fresh gas flow tubes
  • Supported by the mechanical flow meter to monitor total gas volume
  • Simple and effective operation

Ventilation Interface

  • 12.1” TFT LCD touch screen, intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Shows main ventilation and message alerts on the same page
  • Tidal volume of minimum 20ml is suitable for patients of all ages

Auxiliary Table and Spotlight

  • Spotlight with a shadowless LED light source
  • Folding table extends the work area and offers additional space

Breathing System

  • Unique two-layer design, CO2 canister with large capacity
  • Quick response fitted for low flow anesthesia
  • Can be removed and cleaned with ease, completely autoclavable
  • One-step vent/bag switch
  • Adaptable APL valve offers quick-release function

Advanced and Dependable Breathing Circuit

Substantial absorber – Constant 35°C temperature circuit – By-pass – Non-consumable sensor

Al-Mg alloy – Delicate ceramic breathing valve – Metal APL with fast-release pressure function – Autoclave sterilization

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