Dual Channel Auxiliary Pressure Measurements

A high-quality ventilator equipped with 1080 HD wide screen that combines a user-friendly customized UI with powerful modules and tools.

Smart Decision Making

Different ventilation modes and tools that support decision making, such as SBT, are created with clinical needs in mind and based on professional guidelines in order to save time for clinicians and allow them to focus on patients.

Extensive Range of Ventilation Modes

Intelligent ventilation solution: AMV + IntelliCycle

Emergency mode: CPRV

Sequential treatment mode: Non-invasive ventilation and high-flow oxygen therapy

Dual channel auxiliary pressure measurements

Lung protection kit

Ability to Expand

To ensure that your devices have a secure future, being able to expand them by integrating new technologies and features is necessary. SV800/SV600 ventilators allow you to do this. Due to the innovative software and platform, your new device can embrace technological advancement as they come.

Integrated neonatal module with tidal volume setting down to 2ml

Improve your business with the most advanced medical equipment; your clients deserve it!

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