SynoVent E5


SynoVent E5 – A Ventilator You Need


SynoVent E5 is the ventilator that you require. The innovative and simple user interface has advanced functions for patients from infants to adults that can improve your workflow.

You can set the screen to your preferences and use it to control parameters and ventilator settings with ease. 12.1-inch screen can simultaneously display up to 2 loops or up to 4 waveforms. It also includes up to 25 monitoring parameters. You will be able to put all of the SynoVent E5 features to clinical use easily thanks to the simple user interface that mixes direct access knobs with a touch screen.

SynoVent E5 can deliver a full range of ventilation modes and high-flow O2 therapy. It comes with multiple ventilation modes like DuoLevel, PRVC, APRV and PRVC-SIMV. The leading gas analysis technology by Mindray can also be integrated to provide EtCO2 monitoring.

Through the eGateway and BeneLink modules, you can connect to Mindray patient monitors and CIS and HIS systems. This way, you can ensure that data is continuously and securely transferred to the appropriate storage.

The optional C3 compressor can get integrated to ensure ventilation in an environment that doesn’t have a central gas supply. SynoVent E5 can be configured for mounting on a pendant or a trolley to get even more adapted to various clinical scenarios.

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