• Detachable 15’’ TFT touch screen with navigation knob offers a user-friendly interface
  • Combines invasive and non-invasive:

Invasive ventilation

  •  Delivers appropriate mechanical ventilation support and ventilation strategies
  •  ATC decreases the resistance by tracheostomy tube or endotracheal tube and reduces patient work of breathing (WOB)

Non-invasive ventilation

  • Very accurate NIV modes decrease the risk of intubation and shorten the duration of hospitalization


Long-lasting integrated metal exhalation valve can be detached with ease, autoclavable with low maintenance cost

Innovative pneumatic system

Advanced pneumatic system guarantees accurate gas delivery

Enables External Communication

  • Serial RS-232 interface can connect to the Patient Data Management System and hospital monitoring
  • Software can be updated through USB or Internet

Lung Mechanics

Airway resistance, static compliance, P0.1 and PEEPi, aids in making treatment evaluation

Intelligent Configuration Solution

Can be equipped on a ceiling pendant with an air compressor or without it, as well as mounted on a mobile cart

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