HyLed X Series

HyLed X Series

Surgical Lights

Adjustable Color Temperature

Multi-Patch Superposition Technology (MPST)

HyLed X series support the new Multi-Patch Superposition Technology (MPST) through the revolutionary design of the lens group. This ensures that a homogenous and clear light field is provided, even when obstructed up to 80%. This light comes with 24 lens groups. Each of them forms a complete patch and becomes superimposed to add to the uniform light beam on the operating field.

You can achieve an ultra-small light field with a minimum 14cm area with this light in order to meet the particular needs of specific surgeries.

iRelax Reduces Eye Fatigue

Intraoperative visual fatigue is common during surgical procedures since the medical staff works under high-intensity lights, which can lead to surgical errors. Thanks to the iRelax feature, HyLed X Series provides eye-relaxing light and customizable brightness adjustments in order to reduce sensitivity to bright surgical lights and help with eye fatigue.

Eye-Relaxing Light

HyLed X Series creates a gradual and smooth transition of intensity between the highly-illuminated surgical area and less tiring ambient lighting in the operating theater.

Smooth Brightness

This light offers a smooth lightning pattern that can help medical staff adapt visual acuity when the surgical lights are turned on or off, as suggested by the Weber’s law.

Color Temperature

Medical staff can accurately determine differences between numerous tissue types during surgeries thanks to the adjustable color temperature.

Straightforward UI Design

User-friendly design makes it easy to adjust light field and illumination to various clinical needs.

User-centered designs make it easy to adjust illumination and light field to different clinical needs. Quick switching between 6 illumination modes raises the surgical workflow efficiency and helps medical staff remain focused on the job at hand. This light comes with a multi-functional handle that includes a special sensor design, low-resistance joint design and unique illuminance modes.

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