HyLed 7 Series

HyLed 7 Series

Surgical Lights

High-Quality LED Technology


With the innovative LED technology, HyLed7 Series provides exquisite luminous efficiency, light source that is heat-free, and an outstandingly long service life. Thanks to all these features, it can provide you with complete support in OR.

– Unbelievably long service life up to 60,000 hours

– Central Illumination: 160,000 lux/130,000 lux

– Adjustable light field diameter in the range from 195mm to 300mm

– Seamlessly integrated into laminar flow (Certified per DIN-1946 Part 4)

– Touch-screen panel for better control-

– Integrated HD camera rotatable up to 330°

Improve your business with the most advanced medical equipment; your clients deserve it!

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