HyBase 6100

Operating Table

Electric Brake System for Greater Stability


Designed for complex surgeries, HyBase 6100 requires minimal time and effort to place the patient in a safe and comfortable position. Mindray responded to demands for a full operating table solution:

– Decompression mattress that provides comfort to patients and removes the risk of decubitus ulcer, thanks to its seamless anti-static and waterproof design

– Weight capacity at the highest level in both regular and reverse positions

– Internal battery able to provide a constant power supply for 50-80 operations

– 498mm lowest table position after patient has been adjusted to his position, making it perfect for minimally invasive surgeries and neurosurgery

– Electric brake system that provides optimum stability

– One-click return to original position

– Carbon fiber table top available

– Electric longitudinal shift function with 320mm paired with radiolucent table plate to provide free C-arm access for the entire body

– Three control panels – remote panel, column panel & foot switch


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