BeneFusion DS5 Standard

BeneFusion DS5 Standard

Docking Station

Simple and Flexible

A Single Power Cord

Integrated power cord and infusion cannula management can save a lot of bedside space and help you keep the departments tidy and avoid some of the clinical risks brought upon by poor wire management.

Quick Plug

Pushing pump with a “tick” sound, installation success for precise connection with power and data.

Structure of Slots

Ability to integrate 2 to 24 pumps to the infusion system.

Alarm Management

The 3.5” color screen and a sizeable alarm light located on the top provide information on the latest alarms for all pumps, helping users respond faster and reducing noises to ensure a quieter environment.

Teach and Learn

The infusion parameters are capable of being synchronized automatically by internet connection or even manual settings. You can ensure the consistency of the infusion pump system parameters in the station with an efficient parameter configuration. This can also simplify multi pump setting, decrease the workload and increase patient safety.

Automatic Relay on Multiple Channels

Relay function provides continuous infusion in any given order, so users don’t need to stop the pump when they want to change settings. This function also keeps plasma-drug concentration at steady levels, decreases alarm times and makes reloading drugs easier.

Flawless Data Transmission

After plug-in and transfer all available treatment data can be quickly and seamlessly connected. The automatic function of total infusion volume collect can save time and effort.

Easy to Connect

Connection to BeneFusion CS5 Central Monitoring System; You can connect BeneFusion DS5 Standard to CIS / HIS via the BeneFusion CS5 central monitoring system. In this case, BeneFusion CS5 sends real-time monitoring data to the server, allowing you to review any patient data at any time and at any point of care.

Connection to BeneVision N Series Patient Monitor

Since the infusion greatly affects vital signs of patients, connecting infusion pumps to patient monitors is necessary. You can easily connect the DS5 Standard to the BeneVision N Series patient monitor to provide clinicians a direct view of the possible effects that the infusion therapy on vital signs, providing a better grasp of the patient’s clinical status. Also, all integrated information will be combined with patient data eventually and sent through eGateway to HIS/EMR or CMS.

Practical Mounting Solution

With a top handle the device is easy to transfer

Multi-Direction Mounting Solution:

Vertical and horizontal mounting

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