Infant Incubator YP - 2008

Product Features

  • Two different control modes: Air and baby mode, controlled by micro-computer;
  • Data can be recorded and inspected on the separate LCD display screen
  • Displays Oxygen concentration and humidity and provides servo control
  • Set function for temperatures over 37℃
  • Air circle with front and back outlets
  • Brushless, low-noise DC motor
  • Equipped with three operating doors
  • X-ray cassette located under the bassinet
  • Integrated sensor module and integrated water reservoir that can be pulled out
  • Adjustable bassinet inclination
  • Adjustable height of the whole unit
  • Multiple failure alarms
  • DC motor with low noise
  • RS-232 connector;
  • Optional configuration: Examination lamp, weighing system and disposable skin temperature sensor

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