BeneHeart R3

BeneHeart R3


Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Dependable Analysis

BeneHeart R3 uses the ECG analysis algorithm from the University of Glasgow, which one of the leading resting ECG interpretations in the world for the past 40 years. This algorithm was the first to use specific variables to increase the accuracy of the ECG interpretation, such as age, race, gender, medication, etc.

The report may contain a highlighted headline with one of “critical value warnings” with the intention of alerting medical staff of significant findings that require urgent attention.

High Resolution Display

Thanks to the 5-inch HD color screen, clinicians can observe and accurately review real-time waveforms.

Easy to Carry

Due to weighing only 1.2kg with the battery, BeneHeart R3 is extremely portable.

Convenient Operation

This device provides automatic unfolding of the ECG recording on the writing pad located on top for signature or notes.

One-of-a-Kind Recorder

Thanks to the unique recorder compatible with both Z-fold and rolling paper, you can simply switch between them without having to dismantle the pressure lever.

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