BeneHeart R12

BeneHeart R12

12-Channel Electrocardiograph

Simple Technology to Save Your Time


R12 offers an intuitive and simple user experience to users but it also provides a professional analysis for numerous clinical demands.

Modern and Innovative Design

Paperless process allows for a quicker testing of patients and reduces the need for expensive ECG paper. You can review the full image to determine whether you need to urgently repeat the ECG recording, allowing you to have a faster workflow than ever before. Full on-screen preview maximizes your flexibility without printing and allows you to download previous ECG reports at any time.

Quality and Performances

Save time with the user-friendly technology

Modern and practical design

Ergonomic look and simple layout enable R12 to achieve user’s satisfaction:

– 8-inch color LCD screen with high-resolution

– Optional touch screen

– Simple standard keyboard

– Modern keyboard soft to touch

– Demographic patient analysis available

– Anatomically designed cable to reduce tangling

– Supports barcode scanner to decrease the time of information input.

Measurements and Diagnosis

Globally recognized Glasgow analysis increases confidence in diagnosis:

  • Correct diagnosis for adults and children, starting right after birth

Age-specific criteria, as well as other variables like ethnicity or gender, can improve the accuracy. Six critical values can help you get quick answers in potential emergencies. Automatic diagnosis by using V4R (C4R) electrode is perfect for pediatric patients.

Automatic repeat analysis of patient data allows for a quick ECG recording, with the option of adding more information about the patient later. Pacemaker detection enables reliable report about arterial, ventricular and A-V sequential pacing mode, preventing potential misinterpretation from missing the pacer information.

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