BeneHeart D6

BeneHeart D6


Effective IT Solution to Avoid Manual Recording

BeneHeart D6 is a professional biphasic defibrillator/monitor that meets the needs of clinicians and medical professionals across the globe. It is a durable and compact solution that utilizes proven technologies suitabl for emergency use in various environments. This device comes with different operational modes (monitoring, manual defibrillation, AED, pacer) to ensure control in all situations.

Key Features

– Integrated four-in-one design that includes monitoring, manual defibrillation, pacer and AED

– It can get powered on within 2 seconds, charge to 200J within 3 seconds and provide ECG recovery within 2.5 seconds

– Maximize the chances of defibrillation success with up to 360J of escalating dose energy

– Strong power capacity with battery that supports long-time monitoring and shocks during transportation, even without an external power supply

– Efficient IT solution allowing you to avoid manual recording, helps you to improve efficiency and reduce the workload of your clinical staff

Improve your business with the most advanced medical equipment; your clients deserve it!

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