Anesthesia Machine

Improved Precision with New Digital Platform

Mindray successfully installed more than 20,000 anesthesia machines since 2006, all over the world. It is a testament of excellence to know that clinicians across the globe use Mindray anesthesia machines with satisfaction. Now, Mindray proudly presents WATO EX-65 Pro, the most advanced machine of the WATO series.

Greater Precision

Thanks to the innovative integrated functions, WATO EX-65 Pro allows you to control the system and different patient types with more precision.

The Self-Test Procedure System is presented visually, along with an intelligent alarm management with charts and graphs, which can make simple even the most complicated operation steps.

Greater Visibility

Thanks to the 15.1-inch, high-resolution screen and intuitive user interface, WATO EX-65 PRO can make the anesthesia process more visible.

Cost Effective

Being a multi-functional anesthesia workstation, this machine is designed with intention to cut costs. Lower flow is possible with Optimizer because it can reduce the usage of anesthetic agents. Flow sensors have a longer life span, making the maintenance easier.

Improve your business with the most advanced medical equipment; your clients deserve it!

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