BeneHeart D1 (Pro)

BeneHeart D1 (Pro)


Independent ECG Monitoring Through Separate Sockets


BeneHeart D1 is a strong automated external defibrillator (AED) that can support you throughout the full emergency response process. It is a lightweight, durable and compact device that is really easy to use and provides all the required AED functions. BeneHeart D1 is based on the biphasic technology and can deliver energy up to 300J and 360J. The device can help you improve the success of defibrillation by increasing the shock dose for each shock you administer.

With the time-sensitive and stressful work conditions in mind, D1’s high-quality configuration takes BLS and ALS teams into account, providing assistance in treating cardiac arrest patients and ensuring uninterrupted ECG monitoring. The innovative functions and user-friendly interface make this device an effective and flexible aid to the lifesaving efforts of professional responders.

Thanks to the pre-connected pads, you can save a lot of time. You can easily switch between adult and pediatric patients by pressing a single button. Take advantage of the independent 3-lead ECG monitoring available through separate sockets that allows for viewing of more ECG leads or arrhythmias even though the pads are still being used.

Another available feature is the ability to auto-identify the type of patient using the pad connector, allowing you to administer a lower energy dose to pediatric patients. Use the manual mode that allows you to choose the energy level and ensures that you go through the complete 1-2-3 step process to administer the optimal shock quality to the patient. You also have a synchronized cardioversion at your disposal in this compact and lightweight device.

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